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Chakra Totem Portraits

A visual reminder of the wisdom of our spiritual guides

Dreaming of animals in a totem pole configuration

For over a year I was dreaming of various animals. They would show up in pairs, one on top of each other and sometimes just one at a time. I journeyed to each of the animals to ask about this totem pole configuration and how to understand them. The detail of painting directly on wood was also a part of the way they showed themselves to me in the dream. They were communicating a traditional totem pole but that they were connected to the chakras. This was a totem pole that needed to be painted so that I could fully understand the messages that my guides had for me.

I was in the midst of very challenging life decisions and each animal had a powerful message to helped to strengthen and support me to move forward. I felt a deep calling to paint them so that I could see them every day and be reminded of their message. The challenges have changed throughout the many years since I originally painted them but the guidance and support is always present. These chakra animal guides have become a part of my every day ritual and meditation. I am so grateful for the energy of each one and for the gifts and support that they share.

The Personal Totem Pole Process

A neighbor of mine stopped over while I was in the middle of painting the first Chakra Totem Portrait. She said the painting reminded her of Stephen Gallegos’s work and told me about his book “Personal Totem Pole: Animal Imagery the Chakras and Psychotherapy”. Later that same day she generously dropped off her copy of the book. I read the book and learned how he came upon this method with the chakra animals. It was a beautiful way that his guides instructed him to work with the animals. I wanted to learn about his way of doing this work and went to New Mexico for a week to study with him and experience the wisdom of this medicine man.

Each of us have unique skills and ways of perceiving the non-ordinary reality and various ways that spirit guides us. I am grateful for all my teachers and continued support in this work. Many of my greatest teachers are in non-ordinary reality where I have learned to be the hollow bone.

Digital Illustrations of Chakra Totem Portraits

Digital illustrations allow me to assemble dozens of photos into one image to create the totem of animal guides. This process allows for a complexity of images to be merged together with various digital painting techniques to create your Chakra Totem image in less time than the water-based painting technique. The final product is an Chakra Totem image printed on museum quality paper with archival inks.

The Chakra Totem Paintings providing a visual reminder of our guides and the fundamental information for each chakra animal. You can start creating (or continuing) your relationship with the totems, meditate with them, or journey to them. For some, just their presence is a comfort and practical reminder that we can always ask for protection and guidance.

“The soul sits at the intersection of time and timelessness, at the junction of dreams and waking life. Each night it shapes a bridge intended to bring the two worlds closer so that the divine might pour more freely into the mundane; so that the unseen might help us to see.”

~ Michael Meade

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