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Shamanic Portraits

A visual reminder of the spiritual guidance that is available to help us on our journey

A Shamanic Portrait is a glimpse into the way your spiritual guides communicate with you and an empowering visual reminder of their message.

My intention is to paint the healing story that comes from the shamanic journey.  I carefully choose the images and information from the shamanic journey that support this healing story then arrange them together in a harmonious way.

The Shamanic Portraits are first composed in charcoal and then refined with pencil on paper. Then the pencil drawing is transferred to watercolor paper and painted with watercolor with other mediums such as colored pencil and pastel.

It is with great pleasure to translate the information from spiritual guides and to be able to offer this kind of work to others.

“Seek not the paths of the ancients; seek that which the ancients sought.”

~ Matsuo Basho

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